Two great items
that that go great together
Shirts and Lapel pins.

We Provide T-Shirts!

We at PinProvider started supplying t-shirts as the need became apparent. Many of our pin customers are also after t-shirts and banners. If this describes your situation, contact us today. We meet that need at a rate that is surprisingly affordable. Althought most people buy t-shirts and pins together we are happy to supply just the apparel, if that is all you need. Working with apparel wholealers we are able to provide rock bottom pricing.

Althought t-shirts are certainly popular, we provide much more. Golf shirts, knit-colar shirts, jackets, hats, visors, you name it. We provide it. If you're looking for a top-quality wicking mesh athletic apparel with imprint, we've got you covered. Perhaps a team t-shirt to accompany your pin. We've got you covered. How about a camo visor with your company name and number embroidred on it, we've still got you covered. We have yet to come accross an apparel combination that we weren't able to cover and at amazing pricing.

Pricing Imprinted Apparel

If you've started looking for imprinted apparel, then you've already discovered that it isn't a simple as "How much is 200 shirts with a logo printed on it?" The quality of the shirt, and the type and number of colors in the imprint all affects the outcome.Before I go on to explain in detail, let me suggest you contact us and let us know what you're looking for. We'll gladly supply you with an quote.

Basically there are just two parts to pricing: the apparel and the imprint. Let's start with the most obvious, the apparel itself; shirt, hat, jacket, etc. This is usually the most costly part of the three. Quantity affects the price of the price. The greater the quantity the better price you receive per item. There is a myriad of choices and our team is prepared to help you decide on what works best for your event and budget. Next is the imprint type. The price of the imprint is determined by the number of colors it contains. At PinProvider we offer top quailty screen printing and embroidery. (Beware of heat-transfer. It is a cheap process and the imaging will not last long.) Set-up fees are determined by the number of colors and the number of places (front, back, over pocket, etc.) Contact PinProvider today and let us help you get started.

Bundle and Save!

Looking for more than T-Shirts? If you're in need of Banners, Lanyards, Bags or more, then let us know and discover the savings you can achieve by bundling your purchases. As a member of the Provider Group Network, we are often able to supply much and more at substantial savings. and find out how much you can save!